Hitfile boasts a super reputation for cloud hosting services.


What is Hitfile?

Hitfile.net is an online file storage provides allowing users not to upload and store their files securely but also share them with friends, family, or colleagues by providing them with the file’s link. This is an hassle-fee way of uploading, downloading, and sharing your data.

How long do my files remain on the hitfile server?

For registered clients, the storage time is automatically increased to 30 days, which start counts from the last time of download. Up to 60 days from the previous time of download for users that purchased any of the premium plans.

Further, Hitfile will only keep files that comply with their rules and the laws of your country. This means if any of the uploaded files violate any of the rules or laws, then such files will be immediately removed from their server.

What is the maximum file size that I uploaded?

For registered users, hitfile allows a maximum file size of 100 GB, while up to 4GB from browser.

On the flip, Hitfile premium users enjoy a maximum uploading file size of 100 GB but the same 4 GB file size from the browser.

Why should I purchase a premium plan?

Purchasing one of the premium plans provides you with access to the advanced services offered by this cloud storage provider. Unbeatable download speed, resume download after re-connection, extended storage time, no captcha, multiple downloads, and many more are what you stand to enjoy.

What is the download speed if I become a premium user?

Premium clients enjoy a lightening download speed of about 1 GB per second provided your connection permits it.

After making the premium payment, what next?

You can enjoy the premium benefits with or without an account with hitfile.net. If you purchased a premium plan with a registered account, then your account is automatically upgraded, which means you will enjoy all premium benefits for the period you bought.

While for those without a registered account, you can still enjoy rapid download speed by clicking “Gold downloading” and inserting the Premium access code you got after making the payment in the field “Enter received code here” and afterward press login. Hitfile will grant you premium access to download at blazing download speed.

Why is my upload/download speed low?

A low upload or download speed may be as a result of your internet provider’s settings. Another factor can be a lot of users are downloading that particular simultaneously -why? Hitfile server will distribute the load equally for all users downloading the file. To avoid low download speed, upgrading to a premium account will prioritize your download or simply download the file another time.

How do I can my hitfile subscription?

Users can easily cancel their premium subscription at any point in time. To do this, use the instruction provided in emails from Plimus.com. While you are allowed to cancel your subscription at any time, Hitfile still allows its users to continue enjoying premium access until the end of the period purchased.