Hitfile boasts a super reputation for cloud hosting services.

Hitfile.net Premium – trusted file hosting platform

Since the advent of cloud storage platforms, storage, retrieval, sharing, and managing files have been much easier.

As a result, you no longer need hard drives or other external storage media to keep your files safe. Not only that, you can access your stored files remotely via a computer or smartphone.

If you’re looking for a trusted file hosting platform, consider joining the Hitfile.net platform.

What Is Hitfile?

It is a cloud hosting service that allows you to upload and manage all your files and documents remotely. Hitfile provides registered online users with remote file backup, download tools, and sharing capabilities.

The best thing about Hitfile.net is that you can sign up for free. However, if you want to reap the full benefits of the platform, you should consider updating your membership to the premium plan.

hitfile premium benefits

Hitfile Premium Benefits

A Hitfile premium account has valuable features not found in the free option. As a premium member, you’ll get fast upload speeds, uninterrupted download speeds, increased storage times, parallel downloads, and priority support. These and other premium features make your file hosting investment worthwhile.

  • Download By a Single Click: You don’t want to wait for 30 seconds or more in the queue before your download begins, as is typical with a free account. Hitfile allows premium users to download files immediately with a single click.
  • There Is No Download Timeout: Unnecessary timeouts not only waste your time but may send you back to the starting point. A premium account puts you on top of all download interruptions, enabling easy downloads without any lapses.
  • Extended Bandwidth: A premium account provides you with up to 100 GB of bandwidth and 10 TB space. Furthermore, Hitfile does not delete your uploaded files if you have a premium membership. This means you can stuff as much information on the cloud space without worrying about the automatic deletion.
  • Supports Download Accelerators: Hitfile premium supports a variety of download accelerators such as FlashGet from third-party developers. You can download your favorite documents on your selected download manager without logging out of your account.
  • More Storage Time: A free account will see your downloaded files automatically deleted after 30 days. However, premium account holders enjoy extended storage time for all downloaded files. You can keep your files for up to 90 days from the day of download.
  • Synchronous Downloads: A Hitfile premium account supports synchronous downloads. In essence, you won’t have to wait for one file to get off the queue before downloading another one. The multi-download feature helps you save time when you have multiple files to download and retrieve.
  • Resume Aborted Downloads: You don’t need to worry if you aborted your downloads due to a blackout or a failed device. You can always resume when you come back. Your downloads continue automatically without having to begin from the first step.
  • Say Bye to Commercial Ads: The most unfortunate experience with the free plan is the endless pop-up of ads from third-party advertisers. Moreover, before your download begins, you’ll have to enter a captcha authorization. The premium plan is the only way out of captcha codes and commercial ads.
  • Extended Daily Downloads: You can have a premium plan with unlimited storage space for all of your favorite files. As a premium user, you can download files up to 25 GB in size daily. The free account users, on the other hand, barely exceed 5 GB of daily space.
  • Fast Download Speeds: Hitfile Premium account guarantees uninterrupted, high speeds up to 1 GB in a second. High-speed downloads come in handy when you are in a hurry and have little time to spare.
  • Enhanced Data Privacy: Hitfile understands your photos and documents should be discrete. As a result, it enables you to create computer-generated links to distribute to known users. In the end, only those who receive your shared links will access your uploaded files.
hitfile speed

Hitfile Premium Price

Hitfile Premium comes in four payment tiers that are not only affordable but flexible as well. Whether you opt for a 25-day plan, a 70-day package, or the more extended 350-day offer, it all depends on the benefits you wish to explore.

The payment tiers are as follows:

  • 25-day Plan: This package sells at $9.95 and includes all features in a premium account. Besides, you’ll have 300 GB bandwidth and up to 10 TB of cloud space.
  • 70-day Plan: This offer sells at $24.95 because of increased coverage time. In addition to the prime features of premium membership, it includes 1400 GB bandwidth and 10 TB storage.
  • 150-day Plan: This package costs $49.95 and includes all premium features. It also has 3000 GB of bandwidth.
  • 350-day Plan: It is the most extended premium plan and costs $89.95. Besides all premium benefits, you’ll have up to 7000 GB of files to upload.
hitfile price


1. How Can I Delete Unwanted Files?

Discarding any past or used files on the Hitfile platform is easy. Whenever you upload a file, the platform gives you a deletion link for the file.

2. Are There Restrictions on the Content to Upload?

You can upload any file content on the platform, including photos, audio, or document. But you shouldn’t upload any explicit, copyrighted, or offensive material, as it violates the website’s terms.

Final Thoughts

Hitfile boasts a super reputation for cloud hosting services. Unlike before, you can now upload, modify, access, and share all your documents remotely with your friends.

However, if you want to enjoy the best of a Hitfile account, be sure to have a premium plan. It gives you unrivaled download speeds, unlimited bandwidth, resumable downloads, and more extended storage.

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